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The School of Dance Terms and Conditions

    1. If you are a new Student you will be charged per session for the first half term to see if you are happy to continue. Your first session is free of charge. All other students’ fees are payable half termly with a month to complete payment.If your child turns up to class without the fee having been paid, and unless you have a prior written agreement with The School of Dance agreed with myself Emily Law, they unfortunately will not be allowed to participate in the session. Any fees not paid after a month after the start of term will endure a late fee.
    2. Class Fees are based on a 5-7 week term.
    3. Invoices and receipts for fees, uniform and exams will be provided at the end of each term should you need them before that date please let me know. Please write students name on the back of cheques written out to ‘The School of Dance’. When you purchase uniform from me your order will not be processed until we see cleared payment in account. Payment options are Cash, Cheque or BACS. For BACS payments please clearly state the order or reference number and the student name.BACS: Sort Code 09-01-28 Account No. 04696161
    4. Whilst I try and keep fees as low as possible, fees are subject to change and The School of Dance will notify you in advance of any increase in fees.
    5. Half a term’s (i.e. 6 weeks) notice to the Emily Law at The School of Dance is required for any pupil wishing to discontinue any class or leave the school. If the required notice is not received, payment of the pupil’s fees for the following term maybe due.
    6. Should any pupil wish to discontinue any class or leave the school, refunds for any unused classes will not be given.
    7. Parents who book any private 1-1 lessons, whether for festivals, competitions, exam coaching or otherwise, must pay in advance for these classes when they are booked. Refunds will not be given in the event of the pupil not attending pre-booked private lessons. Private lessons will be booked in writing and agreed by pupil, parents and The School of Dance.
    8. Pupils are required to attend class wearing the correct uniform – you can see what your need to wear on the Classes Page. Click through to your class and the information is stated on that page.
    9. Please ensure that your child goes to the toilet before class and brings a bottle of water. Please tie any long or loose hair up before Class.
    10. The School of Dance do not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to property left on the premises.
    11. For examinations, a date is always given as far in advance as possible to students/ parents. Where possible I try and meet your individual financial needs. If you request to pay in instalments prior to an agreed exam registration deadline date please contact me in advance and I will try my best to accommodate. Please be aware if examinations fees are not paid by the agreed date your child/children will not be able to be entered and you may lose any deposits already paid.
    12. Fees for exams must be returned by the deadline on the forms you will be sent. Late fees may incur a small charge, assuming the Dance Authority in question will accept a late entry.
    13. The School of Dance endeavour to ensure that you and/or your child/children are dancing in a safe and comfortable environment. We ask you to bring and collect your child promptly and provide us with written details of changes in drop off/pick up arrangements, special medical needs etc.
    14. Pupils under 18 years will not be allowed to leave the dance areas until they are collected. Written permission is required should you wish your child to be allowed to leave unsupervised.
    15. All students must be registered with a complete disclaimer form completed for the classes they attend. Unregistered children will not be allowed to participate in the class.
    16. Please ensure that The School of Dance receive any changes to pupil’s contact details in writing. All details will be held in strict confidentiality, we take data privacy seriously and you can read our up to date Privacy Policy here.
    17. Parents/guardians are sometimes invited to watch classes/shows. The School of Dance reserve the right to cancel. Filming and photography disclaimer is in the form you download and complete. Please read this fully.
    18. Pupils will be asked to leave The School of Dance without notice for any serious breach of the school’s terms and conditions or for any other serious misconduct.
    19. The School of Dance does not discriminate on background, race or religion, regularly maintains school teaching policies and adheres to Health and Safety procedures to ensure that each child dances in a class appropriate to their level of development.
    20. From time to time it is necessary for Emily Law and any associates (i.e other qualified teachers/helpers/examiners) at The School of Dance to use necessary physical contact when helping to improve pupils’ posture or assist in movements. This includes physical contact between students, holding hands for instance.
    21. You will receive, complete and sign an enrolment form when you arrive for your first dance lesson. Please arrive 10 minutes earlier on your first class. Please complete your disclaimer and bring this with you. You can find the disclaimer here to download, print and complete.
    22. By enrolling into The School of Dance you will be given the choice to read, understand and give consent of photographs and video recordings of students from time to time for use on our School of Dance Social Networking site and Website Gallery. You will be asked to sign this disclaimer on the form you download and complete. You will have the choice to opt in and opt out for photography and film consent for The School of Dance Watlington Media or Promotional use. Please read this fully.
    23. By enrolling myself/son/daughter into The School of Dance, I confirm that I accept the above terms and conditions and have read and understood the Privacy Policy. Any questions relating to these terms and conditions, privacy policy or disclaimer you can contact me – Emily Law via email on theschoolofdance@hotmail.co.uk

Thank you for your interest in The School of Dance Watlington.