Ballet – for class times please get in touch.

Ballet Classes at The School of Dance offer classical ballet lessons to everyone aged 3 and above. We start with an introduction to ballet, where you as students take part in high energy steps, (mice runs, skipping, frog jumps) imaginative play, mime, all whilst learning the basic steps and terminology you need to start the wonderful journey of the ballet dancing world. As you grow as students and your technique develops, the syllabus also progresses to the Major grades, with the option to follow the vocational route to the next level or grade, or simply for those who love to dance.

The school is completely inclusive to anyone wishing to learn to dance from students that just want some exercise or maybe to come and socialise with friends, to those that have dreams of it being their future. We are here to help everyone for-fill their needs and dreams!

Here at The School of Dance we use dancewear approved by BBO-dance. All uniform can be ordered from our online shop.
Please DO NOT buy different colours or types as they will not be suitable for class and exams.

Reminder: All children should be in correct uniform with hair up (in a bun for all ballet classes and French plates or bun for all other classes.

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